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This gig will help you rank higher in Google and bring traffic to your site, blog or video for just $5 exclusively on fiverr.
At a site like Fiverr where you can get fantastic services for just $5, i proud myself as offering the best value for you money. Trust me when i tell you that all it takes is just one click of a button to create 1000 social bookmarks or 1000 wikis or thousands of whatever low quality backlinks that could even harm your site especially if it is a new one.

No matter which gig you choose always prefer quality over quantity and always choose diversity over a large number of backlinks of the exact same kind that don't look natural on Google and could get your site banned.

Will This Service Rank my Site #1 in Google?

You should be aware about services that claim to bring your site #1 in Google. Simply put there is no such guarantee and how far a good seo service will take you depends on many factors. The two of the most important factors are: 

1) If you are promoting a site or a blog, first make sure that your site/blog is finished and that it has some QUALITY content. As strange as it may sound getting in page No1 is not the hard part, the hard part is STAYING there and this depends from the quality of your content. There is no SEO service in the world that can change that. Many of my sites rank No1 in Google so please trust me when i tell you that quality content is the king.

2) Diverse backlinks. Backlinks are links that point to your site and act as a vote favorable to your site in the eyes of Google. But Thousands and thousands of the same kind of backlinks will only harm your site.Google has algorithms that monitor the kind of backlinks that you have pointing to your site and will ban your site if you have a large number of backlinks of the same kind because this is not natural. You need your backlinks to look natural, you need diversity. Diversity will also make sure that you cover more different backlinks than your competition and will move your site forward in the long run.

3) Please read again No1. Believe it or not the first blog that i rank No1 in Google and i mean not just first page but at the top of the first page only had less than 100 backlinks but it had quality content. I still have it so please ask for proof if you dont beleive me. Save yourself time and money and take my word for it. That being said, after you have put all the effort to come up with high quality and original content, you need a high quality SEO service to make sure that your effort will not go in vain with a bad service that will get you penalized in Google. The Key in efficient backlinks is QUALITY AND DIVERSITY, not quantity! (actually quantity is used for negative SEO...) 
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205 Social Bookmarking links, the only service that includes the top 7 bookmarking sites!
High quality bookmarking sites not only will bring you instant traffic but will also help your site rank higher thus bringing even more high quality, natural organic traffic.
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310 High quality contextual wiki links (includes authority edu sites)
Harness the power of wiki links. Google loves wiki sites (they rank really high almost for every keyword) and of course loves backlinks from wiki sites as well.
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Very High Authority Backlinks coming from Domains with High PR (from PR5 to PR9)
Google absolutely loves quality backlinks, even one such backlink can do wonders for your site, 7 of them will make sure that Google will certainly notice your site in a very positive way. The links will come from well known sites with very high pr in their Domains.

All the backlinks will be submited to Lindexed which is the best service to make sure that your backlinks will get indexed (noticed) by google. Because links that are not indexed by Google are completely useless to you and to your site.

On top of that, the links will be Drip Feed Pinged, which means that only a part of the links will get pinged each day for two weeks. This not only insures that almost all links will get noticed by Google but also that Google wont consider them as spam. Because a couple of links each day is something natural but hundreds or even thousands of links in just one day could damage your rankings instead of improving them.

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How to do negative seo on a site or a report you dont want to appear on google search results for just 5$?  Easy, on fiverr you will find the perfect service. This is ideal for example if your competitors have published an unfair rip of report to try and damage your bussiness and you wish to do negative seo for this site or report so that this false information does not appear in the results and gets sandboxed.

WARNING: This service is suitable only for Tier 2 and Tier 3 backlinks. Take advantage of a state of the art 1000Mbps super fast VPS server and have 500.000 backlinks at your disposal!